Italian & Spanish Restaurant with Live Music


GUitar LIVE Music from 6 PM

A fusion of Music
and Flavours

The Strings Restaurant is a modern restaurant with guitar live music every day from 6 PM onwards. A perfect spot to enjoy Spanish and Italian delicacies while listening to the marvellous tunes. What else do you need to escape from the grind of the city? 

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Strings Time

The lights go off, the air stands still, the musician goes up the stage. Silence. Now the first tunes gently fill the room. A magical moment.

Dinner Time

Once the last note has fallen silent, the lights go on again. It's time for the next round of tasty dishes and delicious wine. A wake up for your senses.

County Hall

Next to London Eye - Big Ben

The Strings is a beautiful venue located in the prestigious County Hall building just behind the London Eye and opposite Big Ben. Come in and be enchanted by this magical atmosphere. Ideal for a romantic evening or a very classy corporate event.

Our Menu

The menu includes a large selection of Spanish and Italian dishes which are freshly prepared by the Chef every day. Guests can opt for a menu with a starter, main dish and desert or simply decide to share a selection of tasty tapas.

 As for the drinks, if you are thinking for starting the lunch or dinner with a cocktail or a glass of Champagne, our bar tender will be taking care of you. 

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Santy playing the guitar at Strings Restaurant

Santy, owner & Guitarist

Santy has always dreamt of combining his two passions: playing the guitar and cooking delicious Mediterranean dishes. Now, his dream has become reality with the Strings Restaurant where music and gastronomy meet.

Venue Hire

Do you want to surprise your corporate clients or to celebrate a special moment with your friends and family? The magical sounds of the guitar and the Mediterranean flavours both united in this prestigious venue, will make your event memorable for everyone.

The décor is modern and warm, with stunning Spanish vintage floor tiles, framed guitars on the wall and stylish wooden wall panels. The fabulous olive tree the middle of the venue gives the restaurant a truly Mediterranean vibe, which, alongside the enchanting tunes of the guitar invites guests to get lost in their last vacation memories

Strings Restaurant Bar

What Customers SAY

The amazing food combined with the music, is without doubt an unmissable experience. we have been back three times since! and are never disappointed! such a lovely team who gives wonderful service. book in advance!

We knew the owner/chef played guitar, but we were not expecting such a virtuoso performance. Performing classical music including Verdi and Puccini with a left hand and amazing nuance. Certainly the performance was an unexpected treat.

Santy is the proprietor and the chef and the guitarist. He is extraordinarily friendly and welcoming, which attribute combines with the lovely classical guitar and the excellent food and wines inspired by his family’s native Sicily to make a singular and memorable experience.